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Anti Dust Screen Keeps Fresh Air In Your Home

Besides pet screen and anti-pollen screen, we also designed anti dust screen (also called dust screen or window dust screen) - not only effective protection from pesky insects, but also dust in the air.

We manufacture window dust screen using the latest technology made from heavy-duty fiberglass fabric with high strength and perfectly smooth surface. Anti-dust screen is made with so small a section that any large fraction of dust and sand simply can not get into the room. It attracts and retains tiny particles of dust. It provides effective protection against small dust particles.


  • Material: strength fiberglass fabric coated with polyester.
  • Weave type: plain weave.
  • Diameter: 0.35 mm - 0.40 mm.
  • Mesh size: 15 × 17, 17 × 17.
  • Color: black, gray and other colors also can be customized.
  • Functions: protect your home from dust particles and insect.
A sheet of grey color anti-dust screen with white and blue edge wires made form fiberglass wire

Anti-dust screen in grey color.

A sheet of black color anti-dust screen with white and red edge wire.

Anti-dust screen in black color.

Anti-dust screen will help to protect the room from tiny particles of dust, insect and other debris. The fine mesh structure of dust screen does not allow seeds of dandelions and other vermin. It allows only clean air.

What kind of people fit with this screen?

  • Anti-dust screen is suitable for used in areas with high levels of dust, in places where the windows of many houses is growing poplars, which nestles the omnipresent aphid.
  • And if you happened to live in an area where close to a busy highway passes or any industrial facility, anti-dust screen mesh will provide you air just like air.
  • If your family has people who is allergic to dust, then you simply must install anti-dust screen on the window. It will reliably protect the house from  tiny particles of dust, which causes an allergic reaction.

Where are anti-dust screens suitable installed to?
Window dust screen has high strength and perfectly smooth surface in black or gray color. It is easy to install on any window and door openings, on balconies, loggias, terraces of town houses. They are great to protect your house from the street dust and any insects. In winter, they need not be removed. This is a convenient option if you want to set the anti-dust mesh for skylights in home. It also can be installed as stroller hood.

Dust screen maintain
You just needs frequently washing your dust screen. When necessary, wipe it with a cloth with soap and water, and it will look like new.
Due to anti dust screen you can keep fresh air in your home. Anti dust screen may be a great gift for those who are dear to you. Take care of your family by ordering and installation this protective screen now.

A roll of grey color anti-dust screen on the blue background.

Anti-dust screen roll in grey color with small holes.

A roll of black color anti-dust screen on the blue background.

Anti-dust screen roll in black color with smooth surface.

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  • Great solution for window and doors:

    Pet screen - screen on the windows with special strength protects pets from falling out of the window, it is the guarantor of your pet's life! Anti-dust and anti-pollen screens protect house from dust and pollen.

    In order to breathe fresh air - protect your lungs from dust and pollen, and be assured of complete safety of your beloved pet, order screens today, our experts will find you the best option screen.

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