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Great solution for window or balcony doors- the fresh air in, insects - out!

Boegger Industrial Limited is the insect screen manufacturer. Any size and design of high-quality screen mesh is offered! Our screen mesh can be installed on any window or door opening made from fiberglass or metal. They are used to protect your house against mosquitoes, flies and other small insects, and give you a fresh air.

In the various types of screen, have three new species - pet screen (to protect pets from falling out of the window), anti-dust screen (to protect from the dust, and anti-pollen screen (to protect from the pollen).

Pet screen mesh is an incredibly dense and strong fabric. Cats with its sharp claws running or jumping is not a threat to the durable fabric. Even hanging on the screen mesh with all his weight, your cat will not be able to break through it.

Anti pollen screen made from heavy-duty nylon fabric with a very fine mesh opening attracts and retains the pollen of various plants and tiny particles. It provides effective protection against allergenic pollen, including small, such as ragweed pollen or nettle.

Anti dust screen made from heavy-duty fiberglass fabric attracts and retains various tiny particles of dust.

Why us?

  • We work only with reliable suppliers of material, which can guarantee the use of only high quality materials.
  • Continuous monitoring of product quality ensures virtually zero defect rate.
  • Our staff with extensive experience.
  • Working with our company, you will receive professional advice.

Over the years, we have accumulated a large customer base is constantly updated with new customers. The ever-growing experience and a huge number of satisfied customers push our company. Thank you for your confidence. We try to do everything to make the customer was satisfied!

Do not wait until the whole family bitten by mosquitoes. Order your mesh today! If you have any questions about screen installing or using - send us an email. We will try to answer you.

Products List
  • Pet Screen
  • Pollen Screen/Anti-pollen Screen
  • Dust Screen/Anti-dust Screen
  • Security Screens
  • Door Screen
  • Fiberglass Insect Screen with PVC Coated
  • Folded Fiberglass Window Screen
  • Metal Screen
  • Great solution for window and doors:

    Pet screen - screen on the windows with special strength protects pets from falling out of the window, it is the guarantor of your pet's life! Anti-dust and anti-pollen screens protect house from dust and pollen.

    In order to breathe fresh air - protect your lungs from dust and pollen, and be assured of complete safety of your beloved pet, order screens today, our experts will find you the best option screen.

    If you have a need, please contact us