Pet screen - protection of your pets and young children

No cat does not tear. Are you suffocating in a stuffy room and afraid to open the windows so as not to lose your loved pets - cat or dog? Because the standard window screen does not give any guarantees - they quickly fell into disrepair from the cat's head. Don't worry any more, our pet screen mesh will help you.

Pet screen - the guarantor of your pet's life!

Pet protection screen is a stronger version of fiberglass wire or nylon wire impregnated with PVC in 0.18 - 0.40 mm thickness, which is 2-3 times thicker than the standard window or door screen fabric. Its mesh size is 16 × 16,18 × 18, in black or grey color and guaranteed life 10 years. It can confidently confront cats and dogs claws and beak of a parrot - the claws and teeth of animals can not damage it. Pet mesh screen with reinforced aluminum frame protects the animals from falling out of the window.

With the special durable fiberglass fabric material, even the big cats can not break it by claws or bite through the thick fibers. Instead, they can easily climb up on the screen (another entertainment) without damaging it and without risk to drop out of the window. pet screen has high density and strength. Claws pets do not spoil it, in contrast to the standard screen mesh, which can be an ordinary cat tore just a few days .

And more importantly, thanks to the high-strength materials, pet screen mesh can spend the winter, despite the harsh climate, they will not be spoiled, do not lose their strength and functionality. Love your pets and be sure in your absence with them, nothing happens, as pet screen is a guarantee of protection ! And it can also protect your children from falling out of window.


  • High density and strength, protect pets from falling out of windows
  • Reliable and safe protection, no hurt to your pets
  • Used in summer and winter - the whole years
  • Durability material - resistant to rain, sun and fire.
  • Easy maintenance - easy to clean with water
  • Lifetime guaranteed 10 years

Because of its thickness and a high yarn density, it has a lower light transmission than other mesh screen. Perhaps it - its only drawback, however , the life and health of beloved pets worth it.

Warm tip: the strength of pet mesh screen is no doubt, but, for security reasons, an annual check and fixing any damage is necessary.

Using this type screen mesh, cat owners can safely throw open the windows and enjoy with the whole family with fresh summer air - this screen will protect and prevent your pets loss through the open window.

In addition to the anti-cat screen, we also manufacture anti-dust screen and anti-pollen screen, fiberglass screen with PVC coated, and metal screen. All insect screen limits a variety of insects into our house. However every screen has specific function. For example, pet screens protect pets from falling out of the window, anti-pollen screen protects the house from pollen, anti-dust screen protects the house from dust. Fiberglass screen is a standard framework screen mesh. It keeps insects, feathers, leaves and other debris away your house.

Anti pollen screen protecting your house from pollen and dust, only fresh air in.

Anti-pollen screen made from nylon with a very small mesh size (1 mm × 0.25 mm) will be the ideal option if a family has allergies or small children or lives near highways. It not only become a reliable protection of your home from all kinds of insects, but will also prevent the penetration of the house fluff and dust that cause allergies and problems with the respiratory tract.

Anti-pollen screen can attract pollen of various plants and tiny particles of dust and detaining them. Caring the screen is simple - if necessary it should be cleaned with a damp cloth with soap and water, after which the net again will look and function like new.

There is a lot of dust in the house, which is better - conventional or anti-dust screen?

If you have a lot of dust in the house, anti-dust screen will help you. But if your windows do not go on the road, perhaps, usually fiberglass or metal screen will suffice.

Can I make a sliding screen for sliding balcony with a pet screen mesh?

Yes. But quite pointless. Since sliding screen are not suitable for animals - if the cat jumps on the mesh, it can move off to the side.

How much are the screen mesh? I have not found on your website.

The fact that we have the price per square meter is changing - as it depends on various factors - the number of mesh screen, size, shipping region, contact us and our experts will be able to tell you the exact cost of your order. All types of services we provide not only to individuals but also organizations. We are always happy to answer your questions by email or customer service on line.

Hot Products

Pet Screen

Pet Screen
Pet screen from fiberglass plain weave fabric coated with polyester can keep the windows and balcony door open and ensure your cat or dog safe.

Pollen Screen/Anti-pollen Screen

 Pollen Screen/Anti-pollen Screen
Pollen screen (anti-pollen screen) provides protection against pollen, insects, and fluff that cause allergies and respiratory tract problems. Allows only clean air.

Dust Screen/Anti-dust Screen

Dust Screen/Anti-dust Screen
Dust screen (anti-dust screen) from strength fiberglass, is a effective protection from pesky insects and dust in the air, keeps fresh air in your home.

Security Screens

Security Screens
Security screens, made of 304 grade stainless steel 0.9 mm wire and coated with black powder, is widely used as security window screens.

Great solution for window and doors:

Pet screen - screen on the windows with special strength protects pets from falling out of the window, it is the guarantor of your pet's life! Anti-dust and anti-pollen screens protect house from dust and pollen.

In order to breathe fresh air - protect your lungs from dust and pollen, and be assured of complete safety of your beloved pet, order screens today, our experts will find you the best option screen.